At what temperature washing your laundry?

Let us take stock of the different washing temperatures that exist, our beliefs and eco-responsible reflexes to adopt from your next washing machine while pampering your laundry! 😉

What temputure washing your laundry?

20 ° C: Economic washing

To wash fragile clothes like wool, cashmere and silk, we opt for cold washing!
It is The best temperature for the environment Because it saves up to 75% energy compared to washing at 60 °! 💪
PSTT: The Plouf homemade vegetable laundry is active at low temperature!

40 ° C: The temperature for everyday linen?

Most consumers opt for this temperature per habit and many washing machines offer cycles of 1 hour for laundry of everyday self-programmed at 40 ° C. But did you know that The laundry washed at 30 ° C is just as clean? 🕊

🤍 Wash at 30 ° C allows you to avoid certain inconveniences such as the narrowing of natural fibers, wear and degorgement of colors.
🙌 And in addition we save a lot of energy! It's good for your wallet and for Lady Nature! 👌
Washing your laundry at 30DEGRES is just as effective
60 to 90 ° C: madness or necessity for household linen?

We have bathed in the belief that we had to systematically wash your household linen (sheets, bath towels, tea towels) at 90 ° C to eliminate bacteria. 😯 But beware as the washing cycles, textile fibers are weakened, the linen is less soft and your color linen is washed out without sparkle.

That's not all! The impact on your electricity bill is not negligible. Indeed, the higher the water temperature, the more electricity bill is 💶. A 90 ° C wash consumes 1.5 times more energy than a washing at 60 ° C. Of course in the event of illness or need for laundry disinfection, 90 ° C washing is not prohibited but no need to register it in our washing routine! However, washing at 60 ° C is not a necessity either. 😉

Indeed, modern washing machines associated with your Plouf homemade vegetable laundry Allows you to opt for washing temperatures adapted to the textiles of your household linen.

🧺  For polyester, Do not exceed 50 ° C
☁️  For cotton, And even more for color cotton, a cycle to 40 ° C is enough
🌱  For linen, opt for a maximum cycle at 40 ° C

🤓 Our (PL) tips to remember!

🍃 To manage your very dirty laundry Without rising the temperature, opt for natural detachments and anti-bacterials! And for your white linen, test the baking soda directly in the drum and lemon juice in the softening tank!

🍃 Space the washing of some of your clothes which do not require systematic wash using our Vegetable mists naturally sanitizing And give them a super pleasant cool!

Put your sweater, jacket or dress on a hanger at the end of the day, vaporize your favorite vegetable mist, let your outfit for 15 minutes and slide it into your wardrobe in its usual place.

🍃 Favor the washing temperatures between 30 ° C and 40 ° C And Short cycles for your daily laundry.

🍃 Avoid pre-lavages Having often become useless with today's washing machines!
Good washing machines to everyone!


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A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "