Anti-waste vegetable laundry

The laundry of overwhelmed parents!


Formula tested and approved for all textiles, effective without even cold enzymes!

for everyone

For the whole family, and all the skins, even sensitive!


3x more washing than a classic detergent. Rechargeable bottle

clean formula

Without controversial petrochemicals and ingredients. 100% biodegradable.

Stop overdose!

With our practical detergent to dose

✅ The best of nature and as concentrated as possible.
🤓 1l of plouf = 50 washes versus a 2L can of conventional detergent = on average 30 washes.

It means that 1L conventional detergent = 15 washes😯!

🌟 In 1l of plouf you have 50/15 = 3.3 times more washing.

💪 It’s less heavy to wear, more practical to use, less bulky and we use less water and plastic!

Ecological laundry

Economical and rechargeable!

To extend the Plouf house adventure, nothing could be simpler:
❇️ Insert the anti-Gaspi dosser pump into the new bottle 🧴
❇️ Recycling the old bottle and the recharge cap ♻️
❇️ Launch a new machine! 🧺

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