Vegetable mists for linen and house ✨


Allows you to space washes and reactivate your favorite perfume!


To deodorize and naturally disinfect your house, clothes or mask.

vegetable formula

Upcyclated raw materials - organic wheat alcohol - without perfume fixers

Addictive perfumes

Well-being perfumes from aromachology

Fragrances from aromacology

A concentrate of care to breathe

✨ Elegant and unpublished compositions 

🤓 created with a nose and an olfactotherapeuthe 

🕊 Subtle and non -aggressive result stimulating energies

🌿 UP-Cyclated and Renewable Ingredients  

♻️ 100% recyclable & rechargeable packaging

🐰 Vegan and not tested on animals

To pschiter without moderation!

Ideal for refreshing your laundry and spacing washing!

Refresh your clothes that do not require systematic washing, healthy your mask to make it pleasant to wear or diffuse beautiful energies at home!

Plouf Plouf it will be you who will offer

The Plouf House Linen Ritual