It's solid

To detach your laundry proper

savon détachant écologique en format stick.

Fantastick - Stick Stick Vegetal


It's too cool

To soften and flavor your laundry

balles de sechage reduit le temps de séchage parfume naturellement avec dose de parfums lessive huile essentielles


4 scenting balls - 500 sèchages


For the dryer?

4 natural wool drying balls and its cotton storage pouch.

Reduces the drying time - softens the linen - Eliminates static electricity - 100% biodegradable & compostable - 500 sèchages - 

How to use them?

💧 Arrange 3-4 drops of the perfume concentrate of your choice on one or more balls according to the desired intensity.

🎾 Slide the 4 balls into the dryer to flavor and soften your laundry naturally.

🧺 Launch a 25% shorter cycle 

 💐And There you go ! Ploufissime experience guaranteed!

Be plouf

Complete your linen ritual