our mission

Offer you practical healthy products to use, fun and green for the whole family!

Hey cuckoo!

It is us, Elodie and Oriane: 2 mumperneuses committed!

If you are there, it's probably that you want to know a little more about what is behind Maison Plouf!

So here we are going to tell you how we had this somewhat crazy idea to create the 1st anti-waste laundry with customizable perfume.

And it starts with a figure: in France, washing your laundry is not that clean!

500 billion liters of water are polluted each year by the detergents that are used. We let you do the calculation on a global scale.

After 20 years spent doing laundry and 12 years in the cosmetic industry, it was said that it was time to change things.

Ploufeuse Elodie

How did the idea of ​​clean detergent come?

"It is pregnant, chatting with a midwife that I realized that beyond pollution, detergents and softening leave aggressive substances for the skin and the private parts in all textiles!"

Oriane Ploufeuse

How did the idea of ​​laundry with customizable perfume come?

"After trying several laundry recipes, I always arrived in the same observation, I was not satisfied with washing or the smell. I also discovered that the essential oils that I used to flavor my Linen stabbed my clothes and were not biodegradable! So we decided to create clean and refined perfumes to personalize each washing! "

A strong community

A project co-created with beta-ploufeurs

From the start of the adventure, we wanted to co-create the brand with a community of active, committed and convinced beta-ploufeurs that we can finally create the laundry of the future!

Their mission?

Participate in the brainstormings, test the formulas, be our ambassadors and play the models ... In short, be actors of this change.

Quite simply, thank you to them ❤️ !

The favorite products of our Ploufeurs