How to clean your washing machine with a toothbrush?

Do not throw your old toothbrush! Recycle or reuse it to clean your washing machine. Associated with an ecological and efficient laundry like Plouf house your washing machine and your clothes can only be better!

Why do the washing machine and laundry smell bad after washing?

  • Your laundry drawer is not regularly cleaned which can cause foules.
  • You leave your laundry for too long in the washing machine after the washing cycle. It has a bad smell and bacteria are developing there.
  • You close the machine's porthole immediately after taking out the washed laundry, not leaving the drum time to dry well.
  • You close the machine door immediately after removing the laundry, without leaving the drum time to dry well. 

Recycle your old toothbrush to clean your machine!

Clean the laundry tank 

To clean the laundry tank, remove it from its location if possible. Most bins are removable. Then rinse it with lukewarm water.

If you have not dismantled the tank, Rub it with an old toothbrush wet in white vinegar. Rinse then dry without waiting.

Personally, we use our old ecological toothbrush and manufactured in France Bioseptyl To clean our machine. We adhere 100% to their values ​​and we love all their ranges of French and ecological toothbrushes. We invite you to discover them here 💚 .

Then put it back in its initial position. Be careful to wipe the tank well before putting it back in its place. This is your machine ready to be clean. 🌈


Ecological Limestone Ecological Washing Washing

PSTT: If you notice that laundry compartments are no longer emptying or bad, it may mean that your water supply is blocked by lime or the water pressure is insufficient. Then check that your power faucet is open enough.

Clean the drum 😇

For regular drum maintenance, the trick is the same. Partially dip the teeth of your toothbrush Bioseptyl in white vinegar and clean the drum walls to dislodge dirt, bacteria and bad odors. 🤩

PSTT: Leave the porthole open after each washing so that the drums dry properly.

Clean the joints🙌

Soak a clean cloth of white vinegar and clean the dirty and moldy joints in order to Take off dirt, mold and bacteria. If the molds are stubborn, rub with the toothbrush soaked in hot water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar.

Don't forget the filter 👀

Filters should be regularly cleaned to maintain their efficiency. They can prevent foreign substances as well as the dirt from entering the machine for detergents that last longer.

  • Start by closing the water inlet taps.
  • Then unscrew the water supply pipe at its two ends.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the filters. 
  • Be careful to replace the joints and filters.
  • Review the pipe by hand.

Some plouf important gestures for your washing machine 🥳

  • Do not overdose your laundry : A pressure from our vegetable laundry is sufficient to wash 1kg of clothes. Let's all be eco-ploufeurs! ☺️. Once your cycle has turned, let your Washing machine wide open, The time she can dry. This will save you mold and bad odors in the long term. 
  • Check that no waste Did not slip into the joint of your drum. Eliminate dirt and product residues.
  • Think of Take out your laundry as soon as the washing cycle is finished ! If it stays inside, it will take a bad smell of humidity and your machine will do the same. Once a high -temperature washing (60 ° to 90 °) to limit the lessival residues that can accumulate in the tank once a month. 


Good washing machines to everyone!


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