Anti-GASPI vegetable detergent with doseuse pump


Natural wheat natural detergent.

Ideal for the linen of the whole family and those who do not have time to do their own laundry!

  • Ultra-concentrated formula: 1L = 50 washes
  • 99.3% of natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic and scent -free

Description  🙌

🍃Hypoallergenic detergent 99.3% natural without superfluous harmful

💧Anti-pamper To stop overdose

🤩1 liter = 50 washes or 3x more washing than a classic detergent

🐣 Suitable for babies & ultra-effective: perfect for babies and the washable layers 

👙Suitable for menstrual lingerie, cashmere, silk and wool.

🍋Smell customizable at each washing


Manufactured in France, in Champagne-Ardenne from vegetable raw materials, renewables, from agriculture and regional agro-industry. 

USE  💦

Put 1 pressure per kg of linen. On average in France, a machine is 5kg, or 5 laundry pressures to wash cleanly!

Personalize the smell of your laundry with each washing with one of our Textile perfumes !


This is the list of ingredients that we must legally display: 

> 5% of non -ionic surface agent soap, anionic surface agents, amphotère, and cationic. Water, sequester, viscosant, solvent, pH corrector and distortants of the solvent.

🤓Hmmm but we understand nothing right? Come on, we explain everything to you:

🌾🌽Non -ionic surface agents - Vegetable: lavish agents from wheat and corn which comes to detach dirt, acts on fat 

🥥Savon - Vegetable: washing agent from the coconut qUi activates cleaning and foam 

🥥agents of anionic surface - Vegetable: Washing agents from the coconut which disperse dust, the earth and other non -oily dirt ... 

🥥agent of amphotère surface - Vegetable: washing agent from coconut with softening properties for linen 

🌬Cational surface agent - Vegetable: washing agents who disperse dirt and ensure the protection of the formula

🍃Citrate Trisodic - Natural vegetable/mineral: extract from beets and sugar cane which softens the laundry by neutralizing the limestone present in washing water

🧂Sel of Camargue - Natural mineral: natural thickening

🧪Alcool ethyl denatured - Vegetable: beet alcohol and solvent green synthesis which boosts the efficiency of cleaning and makes it possible to avoid preservatives

✨Welded - Natural mineral: Corrects the DE, avoids the development of microorganism by making the environment unfavorable, replaces the conservatives 

💧Purified water - Natural mineral: plays the role of solvent in the formula

✨Sodium carbonate- Natural mineral: stabilizes and revives more the pH of laundry 

Download the composition here 


Biodegradable formula, without preservatives, without coloring, petrochemicals and without optical azurants.

100% recyclable PET bottle (we work hard to offer you 100% recycled and recyclable packaging as soon as possible)

Keep your pump to use it with our recharges!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

C’est génial ! Les boules de séchage réduisent en effet considérablement le temps de séchage. Parfum très agréable et éponge déshydratée esthétique et efficace, à commercialiser d’urgence !!
Merci pour cette belle première commande

Pierre Di Martino
Super produit

Produit pratique, efficace et économique avec la pompe, je recommande chaudement


Franchement top!mon linge sent le frais le propre sans être trop parfumé s est descent agréable et je trouve que même ma machine brille!bref très satisfaite 🥰

Jean-Pierre Catherin
produit super mais pack endommagé à la livraison

le doseur a été endommagé à la livraison, dommage

magali Henrique

Je ne m’attendais pas à une si bonne surprise : combo gagnant vraiment : lessive qui lave super bien et en prime l’ajout de gouttes laissant une odeur topissime ! Je me dis même dommage qu’il n’y ait pas plus de possibilité d’odeur mais c’est déjà très très bien ainsi ! Je recommande vraiment

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