Dose dose 50ml


Eco-responsible textile fragrance for detergent and drying balls formulated with high-quality renewable ingredients, up-cycled and biodegradable, vegan. 

🐣 Suitable for baby linen - Hypoallergenic formula

👍 Economic format: cost per ml 12.5% ​​cheaper than 20ml

Capacity 50 ml: up to 100 washes.

Olfactory family 🌸

Fresh and invigorating infusion, delicately toned.

Benefits: Oxygenant - invigorating - energizing

🍃 The bouquet of mints energizes the body. 

🍋 The lemon stimulates

🌱 THE rosemary gives insurance 

🌿 Eucalyptus Oxygen the mind

The perfumer's sentence: "In the early morning in my garden in the south , A bouquet of mint leaves crumpled Barely picked in my hands, leaning against the great eucalyptus I feel the very close garrigue refreshing The air of thyme and rosemary ".

Use 🌈

💧Empty the pipette after the laundry and or In the softening tank

🌈 As we are not equal on smell, modulate the intensity and find the dose that suits you!

🌟Additional odors on dry linen? By choice we have not put a synthetic perfume fixer that attack our skin and our private parts so opt for the Detoxifying vegetable mist Or put a few drops of the perfume concentrate on your drying balls to flavor and soften your laundry.

Composition 🌿

77% of ingredients of natural origin - perfume concentration: 100%

Biodegradability of the formula: 99,81%

Formulation without: Perfume fixers - Water - Colors - UV filters - phosphate- sulfate - phtalates  Cmr - Sles - SLS - Without Edta - Oil -free mineral - without petrochemistry 

Allergens: none - Product for non -cosmetic use

Danger mentions: None

Warning mentions: none

Caution advice: Hold out of reach of children. Eliminate in accordance with local regulations. 

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Schmidt


Marie Montillet
Dose ordered but not collection

She was missing in the box. I sent emails and not news.
I’m waiting to be posted.
35 euros for nothing. Plouf house satisfied

Subtle and delicate

Delicate but very present perfume, simple and very effective utization. I am conquered and I would like to test other products such as laundry

Thérèse Lortolary

Dose dose 50ml

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