Kit "1st Plouf"



The perfect kit to discover the effectiveness of our 99.3% natural detergent and the beneficial and subtle universes of our 4 scents !!🤗                                    


💧X1 vegetable detergent (1L = 50 washes) and its anti-gaspi pump

🕊X1 Relaxing dose to appease (20ml)

🌈 X1 dose of paradise to caress your senses (20ml)

✨X1 detoxifying dose to energize you (20ml)

🥳x1 dose of joy to put in a good mood (20ml)

PSTT: If you are a follower of laundry which leaves a powerful scent on dry linen; Please note here that this is not our bias! Yes, these detergents contain scent fixers harmful to our health and nature that we have completely refused !!✊🏻

But we understand that it is difficult to deconstruct old habits so we have created 100% clean vegetable mists 💚 which allow you to reactivate your favorite scent on dry linen and make it pronounced permanently without impacting your health. And as for all our products, a little, a little, that's enough !!! 🌈

Do not hesitate to complete your kit with one of our mists for the full routine!😉

Customer Reviews

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Sara Ferrando

I knew the Plouf products some time ago, bought in a magnificent shop which now unfortunately closed its doors, and I was immediately won over in any way. So I naturally wanted to continue washing my laundry with Plouf, not having found such a satisfactory product for me, and ordered a beautiful stock on the site, but, no luck, the delivery was not at the Height (Cardboard Délé and soaked in half of the laundry, a bottle of which was open and a second with damaged cap, in the letter box). I am not sincerely not ready for the moment to renew the experience despite the quality of the products.

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