Relaxing vegetable mist 100ml


Discover our relaxing care concentrate to let go!

💐Scent fresh and floral For linen and house 

💡From aromachology (Science of smells and emotions) To do good!😊

Ingredients 🌿

🤓98% of natural origin: formulated with high quality renewable ingredients, up-cycled and non-toxic

💜There Lavender of Provence to appease the mind in addition to its anti-bacterial properties

🍃THE geranium To fight stress

🌹The absolute of Rose For freshness and serenity 

🍊L'Organic grapefruit essential oil To neutralize bad odors and strengthen anti-bacterial action

🌾Organic wheat alcohol Ecocert which acts as anti-bacterial and allows better dissemination of perfume

💧Demineralized water To soften the linen

When to use it?  😴

😴In pillow mist before sleeping

🧖🏻‍♀️Sur your towels and your bathrobe

🚘In the car to enchant your journeys

🦠For eliminate bacteria, viruses and clean up your laundry to postpone it quickly


Customer Reviews

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Roland Gerard

Relaxing vegetable mist

Pascale Gerard

Pleasant fragrance. Too bad not to be able to order samples because a little expensive and if we do not like ... it becomes very expensive.

Bravo for this great product !!

Bravo for this great product !! I use laundry and relaxing mist in pillowcase, it's just perfect!

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