Scented kit is ball

Textile scent:


Discover a new eco-responsible gesture to flavor and soften the linen naturally thanks to this kit.

This kit is made up of:
🎾 1 reusable cotton pouch + 4 drying balls in 100% natural wool (to be used in the dryer).
👕 1 20ml textile perfume to choose from

Reduces drying time - softens linen - Eliminates static electricity - 100% biodegradable & compostable - Life: 500 drying -

How to use them?

💧 Arrange 2-3 drops of the perfume concentrate of your choice on one or more balls according to the desired intensity.

🎾 Slide the 4 balls into the dryer to flavor and soften your laundry naturally.

🧺 Launch a 25% shorter cycle

💐And There you go ! Ploufissime experience guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

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Good surprise

I was looking for a scent for linen that is not harmful to adults and baby, I found it! It’s sometimes difficult to switch to natural laundry because in addition to not having smells, sometimes it does not remove smells of food for example for baby. And it's great! The linen is scented in a subtle way, just enough.
I do not put a scent in the washing machine but only on the drying balls in the dryer

Cathy Vanderhoeght
The balls are great!

Very nice article and the perfume is long on the laundry! A real pleasure on a daily basis :-)

Sabrina Abela Le Bellec

I am moderately satisfied because the smell is very pleasant but not strong enough
Linen does not feel enough
I can put more but at the price of the bottle….

Hello Sabrina,
We are sincerely sorry to read your disappointment. We will try to give you some tips to optimize your experience because several factors can play.

If you have launched a very long washing cycle and put the scent just after detergent and not in the softening tank, this can reduce the rendering.

If your softening tank is dirty then the perfume has not managed to go well, a little cleaning with white vinegar could be the solution here :)

If you were ever used to the very powerful smells of classic detergents and softeners, at Maison Plouf we offer you a real olfactory detox with more delicate and less aggressive perfumes. It takes a little time to adapt to enhance your smell to softer perfumes because it is a real deconstruction versus our old habits and perception of what is the smell of clean.

On dry linen the result will always be delicate versus these conventional products because we have refused the fixers of perfumes which hang the fibers and make the perfume last for textiles. For what? Because perfume fixers are very harmful to our health and the environment

Small thing on our perfumes: regardless of our perfumes The intensities are variable!
The dose of softness is by far the most delicate, second skin and evanescent at the outlet of the machine✨
Then comes the detoxifying dose
Then the dose of joy and the relaxing dose which will be more marked at the outlet of the machine

Corine Leger

I am very happy with my order and the sending was very fast.

great discovery

I recommend, scent well and lounge softer.

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