Vegetable fog Sweet 100ml


Discover our softness of sweetness for a moment cocooning full of love!

💐 Scent fresh and tender like a Skin comforter To flavor your laundry and clean up your house.

💡From aromachology (Science of smells and emotions), our mists smell good and make you good good!😊

👶 Hypoallergenic perfume

Ingredients  🌿

  • Of jasmine To appease anxieties and regain self -confidence 
  • Of the Orange Blossom To calm and soothe your nerves
  • Of the'Almond  For a comforting sensation
  • Of the'iris For its sweetness in addition to its anti-bacterial properties 
  • Of the'Organic grapefruit essential oil To neutralize bad odors and strengthen anti-bacterial action
  • Of Organic wheat alcohol Ecocert which acts as anti-bacterial and allows better dissemination of perfume
  • Of demineralized water To soften the linen

When to use it? 🥰

👶🏼Carefully clean and flavor the business of the little ones 

😷Transform your mask into a skin comforter

🍃Refresh your wool or cashmere sweaters

💐Perfume your dressing room and drawers

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Melanie Martin
Very good mist

Soft and delicate perfume.

Brigitte Alvergne

Great product! I am very satisfied with my purchase
Leave the soft linen and the wool pulled are very soft

Kitima Chauvin
A great discovery

I am delighted with this product, the smell is pleasant and the antibacterial function is great for delicate clothes that do not wash easily (tailor jackets, sweater etc.). I can't wait to discover more perfumes!

Kitima Chauvin

Sweet vegetable mist

She smells so good !!!!

Delighted with my purchase

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