How to keep a laundry white than white?

Over time the laundry can turn yellow or tarnish.

Discover our Plouf'tips To whiten and detoxify your laundry naturally.🍃
whiten linen with natural laundry
There are two ways of launder : machine or hand. Always check that your fabrics can be machine washed to avoid damaging them.

Blanch the washing machine laundry

Forget bleach, bad for the environment and your clothes (your dull linen would run yellow). Pour a glass of lemon juice into the softener compartment during your next white machine or put the lemon in quarters (after removing the seeds!) In a fabric bag directly in the drum. Launch a normal cycle.

Another option: add 2 cups of baking soda to the drum directly.


🍋 Soak your laundry overnight in hot water with lemon juice.

💦 Soak your laundry in a hot water bowl with a cup of oxygenated water.

🥛 In a bowl, mix two cups of milk and a cup of cold water. Add some ice cubes to make it even colder.

Immerse your laundry in this preparation and wait for an hour.

Rinse and dry in the open air.

PSSST: Did you know that the sun too was a natural lightening? Suddenly, if the weather permits, dry your laundry in the open air, it is much more ecological than dryer!

Detoxify your laundry

natural and effective detergent to keep a white linen and detoxify your laundry
🌿 Use a neutral ecological laundry without whitening optics, without preservatives or SLS. Not only is it better for your clothes, but de facto your skin and the planet of course! Discover here vegetable laundry Plouf house, 99.3% natural and ultra-effective.

🌸 Flavor your laundry with Clean perfumes, that is to say without fixers of allergenic perfumes for your skin, and preferably from aromachology to do you good by wearing your clothes!

🍋 There Detoxifying dose of Plouf house is ideal thanks to its composition:
There pepper mint Who opens and oxygen the mind, energizes the body.
THE lemon purifies and stimulates your energies.
THE rosemary Gives insurance and makes you toned while acting as a natural anti-bacterial.
L'eucalyptus gives a second breath and cleanses.
Personalize your washing by adding one of Well -being perfumes Plouf house Directly after laundry in the washing machine tank.
Always read the maintenance label carefully before treating a stain or washing your garment. To avoid damaging your clothes, always do a small test on a less visible part of your garment.

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A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "