How to wash my silk outfits, without damaging them?

Our 1st PLOUF advice 💧 May seem simplistic but we assure you that it is key!

Always, always, always take a look at the label with the maintenance mentions inside your outfit. Who has not already launched a machine without checking the labels because it is too in a hurry? We plead guilty and it earned us disappointments.

Our 2nd Advice Plouf 💧: Use a laundry that respects delicate fibers like silk, and there happiness to discover that the house vegetable laundry plouf that we have at home is ok all textiles, no need to have a special silk laundry!

Wash the silk with a natural laundry without enzymes

Then depending on the number of wash outfits, you can opt either for hand washing or for machine washing.

If you only have 2 or 3 small silk tops to wash then opt for Hand washing in 15 minutes!

Here are the steps:

-in your bathroom sink or kitchen sink or basin (you choose), put lukewarm water and some Plouf homemade vegetable laundry

-Foit your outfits in this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes max

-Ieuits attack the tasks by rubbing them gently so as not to break the silk fibers

-If you are satisfied, go rinse with lukewarm water

-Attention We do not vigorously reach our outfits in itself, we take two thick bath towels and we place the outfits between these

-We press with love our towels flat to remove the water as much as possible
-Hop the turn is played we put our outfits on hangers so that they dry quietly.

If your week's dress guard was made up of silk outfits then Go for Machine washing!

-If you are equipped with a linen protective net, place your outfits in it before putting it in the drum of the washing machine. For what? To prevent the drum with all its metallic details from being fiber for clothing.

Don't have a protective net? Take a pillowcase will do the trick!

-Adhe some pressures from your Plouf homemade vegetable detergent in the machine's tank
-Liscent the "Delicate laundry at 30 °" cycle program without your machine spin cycle
-Inte the linen and put it flat between two thick towels, gently press to remove the water
-Hop you can suspend your outfits so that they dry directly on hangers
Final council: In any case, do not add a softener because it greases the fibers and does not clean !!!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Estelle, Verified Customer

A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "