How to remove chewing gum from your clothes?

Removing chewing gum from a fabric can be complicated and can damage it. Here are some simple, simple gestures to help you preserve your clothes.✨
To remove a chewing gum, take plastic gloves. This pair will serve you to better catch the ice cube. Then rub the ice cube on the chewing gum until the dough becomes harder. It will thus be much easier to remove it from the fabric. Remove the maximum, delicately so as not to damage your laundry. 🧊
How to remove Chewing Gum from clothes?
If the chewing gum still resists and you have some sticky traces we have a solution to offer you! You can use alcohol at 90º that you heat. Then take a cloth that you will soak with alcohol. Then rub the stain to leave the last traces. If you do not have alcohol at 90º you can also try with white vinegar which is a great stain remover! 💦
Customizable vegetable laundry

Once the last traces removed you only have machine to put your garment in the removal of any possible sticky residue. To wash your clothes, remember to use our Plouf homemade vegetable laundry to wash your laundry naturally. You can also use one of our 4 perfumes, doses of well-being to customize the smell of your laundry according to your moods!💧💚


We know that it is not an easy task, but we hope that our Plouf tips will help you in your fights against chewing gums! ✨🍃

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