How to wash your delicate sweaters?

In winter we love to slip into sweaters in wool or in cashmere Very warm and very soft! To preserve the lifespan of your favorite sweater, it is important to maintain them carefully! So you can put them from one year to the next with pleasure!

Wash the wool and delicate sweater - Maintain cashmere

Plouf tips n.1: A sweater does not require systematic wash like our t-shirts or underwear! At the end of the day, position your sweater On a hanging hanger And Spray your vegetable mist generously favorite on it. It will assain your sweater, will devour the bad odors and leave it very soft!

Let him get rid overnight and put it away the next morning!


Plouf tips n.2: Of course if you have eaten like a Savageon the dish in Tata Domi sauce or that the youngest decided to regurgitate his blueberry compote on your shoulder, these are cases of extreme emergency, we act without further delay!

The best is treat the task when it is cool, a little laundry on it, we let act then we rinse! Please note that we do not try like a dingo so that there is no drop in the mesh! We remove the bulk of the water and we put Its flat sweater on a large soft towel so as not to distort it.
Plouf tips N.3: When the time comes to turn a machine of delicate sweaters, then we will never repeat it enough, Check the labels well!

-It is better to slip your sweaters upside down in a protective net Because some washing machine drums hang the delicate stitches and there is the disaster !! In addition, the net allowsAvoid bouloches And protect the mesh during spin! Psstt: no net at home, no problem take pillowcases!

-Choose A suitable detergent, rohhh that's good the lPlant EsSIVE House Plouf Respects delicate materials!
Its formula without a whitening and enzyme agent leaves your sweater all soft and very soft !!

And put the right dose of laundry, "A little, a little is enough!" Especially with the mesh!

-Adent your Dose of well-being perfume in the softening tank.
-Greel your machine on Delicate or wool linen cycle, short program at 20-30 ° max!
-In exit from washing machine, put your sweater flat so that they are not all distorted and never to the big one on a hanger !!

Ploufeurs tip: put a thick towel on your distance To prevent your sweater from being distorted by the bars of the latter and does not dry it near a heat source!

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A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "