How to choose your baby laundry?

Learn how to choose the best for your very young people with our PL (phew) s advice!
Babies do not have the same skin as us, it is more fragile and sensitive, because it is not yet fully developed and therefore not resistant enough to deal with external aggressions.
To choose the right laundry for your very young people you must first look at the mentions on the products!
Effective organic baby laundry
✅ The hypoallergenic mention is very important, because it means that the brand has carried out tests to verify that the product gave no allergy. (Be careful, it is not that the perfume or a component but well all the content which must be).
❌ For your babies, no need for detergent with synthetic perfumes, softeners, chemical dyes, allergenic preservatives or additional products that can be irritating for their delicate skins, chemical residues remain on clothes and can cause skin reactions !
The ingredients to banish for baby laundry: ingredients ending with "isothiazolinone" (eXEMPLE BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, OCTYLISOTHIAZOLINONE ...), OPTICAL AVURANTS, SERFUM, CHEMICAL DUMBERS AND finally Alkalins, because they cause irritation or allergies especially to sensitive skin.
Finally, favor detergents with natural active ingredients, which will respect the most sensitive skin 🍃
Our Plouf homemade vegetable laundry is 100% clean! 🌿💚
It will respect the skin of the very young thanks to its hypoallergenic formula and tested under dermatological control.👶🏼
Without any preservatives, fragrance -free, without derivative of petrochemicals, without SLS, without allergen and without aggressive agent for fibers.
Our vegetable laundry will allow you to obtain a flexible and clean linen without softening! 💚

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Estelle, Verified Customer

A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "