How to maintain your jeans?

We all have favorite jeans that we want to keep, but who did not last! Despite appearances, denim is a fabric that can be fragile ... Here are our Plouf'tips To take care of it as it should be!

How to wash your jeans? baby

Our plouf'tips💧:

🤲🏻 If you want to keep raw jeans as long as possible space the washing and wash it by hand with cold and backward water. Always wash the raw jeans separately or with similar colors to prevent it from detecting.
🌿 Use a laundry without enzymes preferably and which respects the colors.
OUR Plouf homemade vegetable laundry is ideal because it is ultra-respected of textiles and colors insofar as it is made from wheat and without enzymes (which often damages the fibers).

How to wash out?

Wash the jeans by hand to keep the color

First fill a bowl with cold water and put pressure on our Plouf homemade vegetable laundry, "A little bit is enough", no more need for the detergent is ultra-concentrated!

Then turn your jeans over and let it soak for 45 minutes flat to avoid false folds. Rinse the jeans with lukewarm water and finally wipe it delicately. Add a perfume pipette from one of our 4 well-being doses So that it feels good when you postpone your jeans! 🌈
Wash the jeans with a vegetable laundry and the relaxing fragrance

For a discolored effect, wash it more often and by machine!

💦 For machine washing, you must first return jeans to avoid damaging it with drums. You must choose a cold cycle 30 Cº maximum and favor the delicate cycle.

Discount your jeans in the washing machine

How to dry my jeans?

💨Once your jeans are clean, let them return and dry them in the open air to preserve their color and their shape permanently. Hang them if possible to avoid false folds, otherwise dry flat.

Do not put it in the dryer, especially if it contains elastane.

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A single laundry for any type of fabric, happiness !! The odor bottles to put in the place of the softener helped me to get rid of this habit of overdoing so that it smells good "