Give a practical birth gift!

"Absolutely fabulous!

Finally an ecological laundry that smells good and that ishes well !! No more laundry that smells of humidity or withdrawn with my old organic or house detergents.
The perfume dose really brings a good smell to the outlet of the machine. I am conquered! "

Virginie Pichot 05/05/2022

Create a clean laundry for the whole family!

It is pregnant that we had the click!

"It is during an appointment with a midwife that we had the click: the skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs everything. We had never considered the impact of irritating detergents on our Skin and on our health. But yes they leave harmful residues that are in contact with 24 hours a day with our skin and the baby detergents that we had at the time were not really different despite the baby allegation and hypoallergenic on it. 

We wanted a simple and healthy product usable from birth to adulthood. We started and Maison Plouf was born! "

Elodie & Oriane, the founders.

A perfume -free vegetable laundry based on wheat

Designed for sensitive skin of small all and compatible with washable layers

Baby laundry scents

Discover the laundry scents suitable for baby linen. To be used with our laundry or your home laundry!

Dose of sweetness 20mlDose of sweetness 20ml

Dose of sweetness 20ml

Dose of joy 20mlDose of joy 20ml

Dose of joy 20ml

Dose of sweetness 50mlDose of sweetness 50ml

Dose of sweetness 50ml

Dose of joy 50mlDose of joy 50ml

Dose of joy 50ml

50ml sweetness recharge50ml sweetness recharge

50ml sweetness recharge

Joy recharge 50mlJoy recharge 50ml

Joy recharge 50ml

20ml detoxifying dose20ml detoxifying dose

20ml detoxifying dose

From €16,00
Dose dose 50mlDose dose 50ml

Dose dose 50ml


Head the children's room healthily

To refresh the comforters

Vegetable fog Sweet 100mlBrume végétale maison plouf de douceur pour la maison et le linge. Action anti-bactérienne

Vegetable fog Sweet 100ml

Vegetable mist of joy 100mlVegetable mist of joy 100ml

Vegetable mist of joy 100ml